Thursday, October 27, 2011

christmas cookie parcels

the last parcel ( now first) is from uk, 
all it needs now is baking wrapping celebrating and enjoying!

a box full of bags with cookies from south germany

cookies from germanys northern part, all ( well organized :-) in one box

 the sweden  cookies have its  own box or bag.

color - stylingconcept + package design: dietlind wolf
food : marion swoboda
photo : thomas neckermann
it  was an amazing work and development flow in our team! thank you!
the story behind  is to wrap or unwrap 5 different christmas cookie parcels ,
 the first will be from russia, than sweden north and south germany and england.
for the next 5 days i will open every day one of them.
the russian parcel is filled with mouthwatering tastes and wrapped in bright colours and wooden treasure boxes.


  1. Ganz, ganz großes Kino!!!! Ich bin wie immer begeistert und verspüre ungeheuren Appetit auf Kekse :) Liebe Grüße! Rike

  2. Wonderful, artistic little mouthfulls of pleasure - beautifully packaged.


  3. This is very, very beautiful...congratulations¡!

  4. Amazing AMAZING work - wirklich ganz grosse Klasse! So im overview noch viel schöner als sowieso schon im Heft...
    Wenn Du eine Assistentin brauchst: hier hier HIER! :)
    Herzliche Grüße, Anette

  5. Beautiful photos of mouthwatering cookies. So lovely.

  6. so much colour & so makes me feel like getting ready for the festive season!

  7. I found your blog through a post on 6 bittersweets, these photos are absolutely breathtaking! Ugh and the colors! Love!

  8. What an amazing variety of cookies, many I hadn't seen before. I have to start on mine now....


  9. amazing results of 3 very talented people.

    most wonderful eye candy... sigh, bliss

    thank you so very much for sharing with us

  10. Amazing work! Nice meeting you-) Thank you and happy new year!


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