making of

    brigitte : ready prepared
      as always, i love the remains the inbetweens
 photos : dietlind wolf

    billa : mushrooms 
    the art of spreading mushrooms with my ceramics, 
       photos : dietlind wolf
photos : dietlind wolf from green set
    e+t bistro 

dietlindwolf photos from photoset  


    billa wine

illustrations (acryl on canvas): dietlind wolf , 
inspired by the paintings from morandi, i illustrated the wine bottles jugs and glasses in wineshades.

 dietlindwolf photos and illustration for the wine  production.
 my inspiration was morandi, 
in the shades for white and red wine and composed for the dishes we choosed.

    billa tea

dietlindwolf photos from our tea shooting with the amazing chinese antiques from patio

 illustration and pottery :  dietlind wolf  from the brigitte set 

photos dietlind wolf : with iphone tool hipstamatic. the unforgettable gaststaette schlag
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