Wednesday, June 5, 2019

delicacy and abundance

candied calendula on one of my beloved spoons from gabi veit
candied flowers

 salt and sugars from petals with spoon from gabi veit

 candied flowers
    handmade sugar
candied flowers and handmade sugar

   candied flowers + handmade sugar

candied mallow petals

 candied flowers

    Photography incl. production + Styling : Dietlind Wolf
    candied flowers + handmade chocolate : Angela Evers

inspired by angelas family history - her great-great-grandfather was an art carver, 
i used the displays of that time to show her breathtakingly delicate and beautiful work.
her chocolate regularly wins awards at the word chocolate awards, and her flowers are unique in the world. It is honor and fulfillment at the same time to shoot her beauties and enjoy them as well.
here is the link to buy directly from shop,
Georgia Aslam from foodphotofestival did inform me that:
we appreciate the opportunity to view your selection of artistic work, and are very pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to participate in the FOODPHOTO FESTIVAL screenings. The inclusion to the screening also is a nomination for the FOODPHOTO AWARD 2019.
Your images will be shown at the FOODPHOTO ON STAGE event that will take place on the evening of Friday 7th June. After the event, your images will also be shown in a video screening at the exhibition.
i am so happy and please cross fingers!!

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