Wednesday, February 15, 2012


colourconcept production and styling : dietlind wolf
photography : julia hoersch
free produced in 2008 first in print : brigitte woman 03/12

the day we started at last (after 2times postponing) to shoot lemon in 2008
i received my monthly donna hay, and grew stiff.
a lemon food story  in yellow black and white..
even without food, just lemon for decorating and kitchenusage , it was to close for donna hay... 
being to late and to early at the same time. it took 4 years waiting..
i still love especially this story including the use and decorating ideas of a common fruit .
as a child there was this sentence...
dont play with food, but exactly this was , what i did.


  1. GLORIOUS! I dance around in my seat nodding my head when I look at your photos!!!!

  2. This is soo gooood and hard work! And it works!

  3. This is absolutely AMAZING!!! It's amazing how many different concepts you had for the lemons. Beautiful!

  4. A lot of work but it looks great!


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