Sunday, September 23, 2012

happy birthday

stylingconcept + styling : dietlind wolf
photos : julia hoersch
food : hegemarie koester + anne haupt
happy 40th birthday !
so great to see the amazing cakes from hegemarie and anne on the anniversary cover.
my absolute favorite was and is  the second one, 


  1. wow..the last one ist my favourite..the colouring is so nice..

  2. Ho ho! Die Schokotorte...
    Liegt es an mir.... welches Geburtstagsheft muss ich denn kaufen?

  3. Dear Dietlich,

    Your styling work is incridable. Your creativity is endless. I spent last few hours to explore your blog. It is constans source of inspiration. If you need any helper just to wash your poths and cleen your floor I'll come any time:-))) My hut is down- you are best in what you do.
    And one question: I can not find any buttom "subscribe the blog". How I can do it to get updates on my e-mail?????
    Best regards

  4. QUE DE BEAUTÉ DANS CES GÂTEAUX !!! Thank you very much, nice week end ! brigitte

  5. Great styling fabulous images and delicious cakes!
    Carla x

  6. wow,

    was für ein glück, dass ich deinen blog entdeckt habe!!!

    an deinen bildern kann ich mich gar nicht satt sehen... :)

    ich hoffe es ist dir recht, dass ich dich in meine blogroll rutschen werde...

    lg nancy


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