Thursday, May 23, 2013


photos : dietlind wolf

hopefully this colours will bring sun!! 7° is far to cold.
tomorrow i will be in berlin, 
i am still very exited about the invitation to the 2. blogger conference
in berlin THE HIVE .
looking forward  to see some of you there!


  1. Вау...Такой сочный зеленый.

  2. Very much looking forward to attend tomorrow your styling workshop at The Hive!

  3. Hi Dietlind,
    what a most lovely spring shot! Unfortunately I will not be able to attend your workshop at The Hive as your course was booked already when I registered. But I am happy though that I discovered your blog now. Great source of inspiration.

  4. Liebe Dietlind Wolf,
    vielen Dank für den sehr inspirierenden Workshop.
    Wir waren alle ganz beseelt danach.
    Ich hätte noch Stunden zuhören können.
    Eine schöne Woche wünscht
    Imke Laux

  5. Hi Dietlind,

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring story at The Hive in Berlin! So happy I could join.
    I would loved to be informed if there are more workshops coming up :)

    Hope you have had a good time and a save trip back home.

    Greets, Wendy


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