Saturday, July 20, 2013

treasure box

 concept + photography : dietlind wolf
artwork: leonoor ottink 

sometimes you get the opportunity to meet someone who´s eyes sees the same , 
the hidden, the tiny,the beauty in detail,
and the connection was made without words ,just by looking to her created beauties.
its not only the creation, it is this whole fullfilling world of the thoughtfulness , 
caring + time behind the item itself.
if she is not farming or blogging 
she works with porcelain and creates this awesome  4 elements treasure boxes , 
the boxes as well as the spoons have a size of only 3cm...
ps.check out milk bottle 
 the blog from  nathalie ( my awesome agent) and leonoor .


  1. Beautiful photos as always! :-)

  2. This is so beautiful and graceful! You are an inspiration, I love all your work. Thank you for sharing :)


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