Sunday, August 16, 2015

dietlind wolf & lyndie dourthe

ceramic frames + flowers © dietlind wolf

objets and photos © lyndie dourthe

ceramic frames + photos© dietlind wolf
right flowers © lyndie dourthe

exhibition in paris 
together with lyndie dourthe,
opening on 4th of september 18:30

this will be a very special event, together with lyndie dearth we will show our worlds, which as lends said so right, mix perfectly together.
i love and adore her work since years , and i am so proud we exhibit together,
years ago i used her flowers for a shooting, and during sending back the package vanished..
two weeks ago i did send  some of my frames to lyndie, so she could work her magic on it, but as it seems.. the package still did not reach her..
we cross fingers..

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