Monday, August 8, 2016

gotland with leslie shewring

gotland 3 

here is the beautiful work of leslie shewring,
photographer author, artist, and wonderful person,
her work and the way she observe the world amazes me, 
as a former architect, she has a  very unique way of looking to lines and perspective , 
and she captures color moods in nature with this wonderful ease , 
which i always admire in the same way as her colors ,
she took the photos during the intense light and mood of midsummer
please have a look

© photography : leslie shewring
location : gotland 
during workshop opens sensed


  1. A wonderful light, colors and shapes. Amazing !
    Best, Synnöve

  2. Very beautiful! I love the depth in these pictures, and the softness of light.

  3. Really wonderful impressions, so warm and calm colours, Kind regards, Sabrina


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