Wednesday, June 5, 2019

delicacy and abundance

candied calendula on one of my beloved spoons from gabi veit
candied flowers

 salt and sugars from petals with spoon from gabi veit

 candied flowers
    handmade sugar
candied flowers and handmade sugar

   candied flowers + handmade sugar

candied mallow petals

 candied flowers

    Photography incl. production + Styling : Dietlind Wolf
    candied flowers + handmade chocolate : Angela Evers

inspired by angelas family history - her great-great-grandfather was an art carver, 
i used the displays of that time to show her breathtakingly delicate and beautiful work.
her chocolate regularly wins awards at the word chocolate awards, and her flowers are unique in the world. It is honor and fulfillment at the same time to shoot her beauties and enjoy them as well.
here is the link to buy directly from shop,
Georgia Aslam from foodphotofestival did inform me that:
we appreciate the opportunity to view your selection of artistic work, and are very pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to participate in the FOODPHOTO FESTIVAL screenings. The inclusion to the screening also is a nomination for the FOODPHOTO AWARD 2019.
Your images will be shown at the FOODPHOTO ON STAGE event that will take place on the evening of Friday 7th June. After the event, your images will also be shown in a video screening at the exhibition.
i am so happy and please cross fingers!!

Monday, December 24, 2018

W wie Weihnachten

W wie Weihnachen
my Christmas W is from Sweden, one of very few letters that have been cut so meticulously by hand, with the rust of time.
for me the picture that my Christmas may be like it will be, with all the weather that belongs to it.
And a grater in form of a turtle from India, which I appreciate so much because love and care for material and details becomes visible. 
it is used to hollow out and rub coconuts .
for the next days I wish you time and leisure to enjoy it, 
for the new year I wish everyone the right tools to fully enjoy the pleasures of the new year,
mein Weihnachts W ist aus Schweden, einer von ganz wenigen Buchstaben, die so minutiös handgesägt wurden mit dem Rost der Zeit .
für mich das Bild, dass mein Weihnachten sein darf wie es wird, mit allen Witterungen, die dazu gehören.
Und eine Reibe in Form einer Schildkröte aus Indien, die ich so schätze weil in ihr Liebe und Sorgfalt für Material und Details sichtbar werden. 
Mit ihr werden Kokosnüsse ausgehöhlt und gerieben.
Für die nächste Tage wünsche ich Allen Zeit und Musse, sie zu geniessen, 
für das neue Jahr wünsche ich Allen die richtigen Werkzeuge um die Genüsse  des neuen Jahres voll auskosten zu können,

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


 pomegrante skin dying in oaxaca

wool dyeing in oaxaca

 color shades from yellow to brown
pomegranate ink

Photography incl. production + Styling : Dietlind Wolf
in print : Sweet paul magazine autumn issue 2017

pomegrante is such an inspiring fruit,  
not only for its nutritinal benefits
the skin you use to dye texiles ,
the fruit to mix amazing juices and molasse
and the kernels for best skin care.

Monday, August 28, 2017


 photography incl. concept + styling : dietlind wolf

nature has the best beauty recipes.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


concept, styling + photography : dietlind wolf
online and print: löwen-manufactur

i admit , it was kind of my best hidden secret,  that i am producing since nearly 2 years  the whole range of  the wonderful Löwen-Manufactur in lübeck,
and that i got the chance to create the picture language for a pharmacy product,
maybe because i fell deeply in love with the man behind, marcus niendorf, 
who did invent  this realy helping oil mixtures.
10 years ago he started the manufactur in his pharmacy,  
with the amazing idea of combining old knowledge in 4rth generation as pharmacist und the modern aspect of using only pure aetherical oils.
you have to see his pharmacy, its one of the most beautiful , and in one of the eldest houses in lübeck/ germany.
 since may we are happily married:-)  so the collaboration will grow even more....if you ever are nearby, come and check out, its worth it every look every smell, and it works !

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


concept, styling, photography : dietlind wolf
in print : summer issue 2017 sweet paul magazine

Years ago I found this little straw bloom at a flea market in belgium,
And inspired me to produce a straw story .
   i added palm, inspired through my travels to srilanka and the story of my husband, that his mother
 who grew up in India, made the straw stars of palm, and also corn leaves, when i tasted the first time, tamales in mexico. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

last roses

styling + photography: © dietlind wolf

i just got the beautiful roses today from Hermans garden, 
the last ones in last sunlight,
now they are frozen to be destilled..

when i send Hermann the pictures of his roses, i wrote:
so beautiful beings, your roses...
and got a beautiful poem in return , which makes so much sense:

A Nothing
we were, are now, and ever 
shall be, blooming:
the Nothing-, the No-One`s-Rose

 Paul Celan

Monday, June 5, 2017


styling + photography : dietlind wolf
in print : happinez netherlands

it was  beautiful working for happinez again!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Typography + Styling workshop

Typography and Styling

a full-day workshop with Dietlind Wolf / Hamburg
and guest speaker Elina Frumerman / San Francisco

using typography in styling and storytelling

spend a day with us exploring various methods of marrying type and image

our workshop will focus on three specific approaches:

1. creating typography: using props to create letterforms in a photograph
2. letterforms as objects: using cut typography to create images and compositions
3. layering with type: adding type over an image to change a photograph's mood or meaning 

(including a quick tutorial on digital image scanning and manipulation)


elina frumerman is an amazing artist, working with type and pictures with such an ease and beauty.
her books are eye treasures. see some of her spectacular work, attached below.

we are so much looking forward to sharing what we love, to inspire you and expand the way you approach your own work.

our workshop will be led in English and be held in the berkentienhouse, 

a beautiful house in lübeck known for centuries for handcrafts in glass.

                                                                                                                   photo © dietlind wolf

required knowledge and equipment:
good understanding of manual (RAW) photography, camera handling and basic digital image processing
one digital camera body
3 lenses depending on camera type (wide/normal/portrait/macro)
laptop and, if needed, external hard drive for image processing and review
working knowledge of photoshop/capture one, or similar software
power adaptor, if needed
portable reflector

timescedule + costs:

monday 26.of june 2017
9:00 -18:00 including lunch and food / beverages during the day
fee 490, - -€ per person

no refund

Eventmarketing Hinz
Rabea Möller
tel.+49 172 9178395

if there are any questions, regarding content or specific topics, i love to answer.

*about dietlind wolf: 

Dietlind Wolf is an international photographic and ceramic artist, represented by Taverne Agency.
She is also known for her lectures as guest speaker at the Hive conference (English) in Berlin, 

and her regular appearances at Liz and Jewels food styling and photography workshops.

Dietlind has an exceptional sense for color and materials in her art, which she combines with her expertise as former textile designer for haute couture, 

long time prop stylist, ceramicist, photographer and her never ending curiosity.
she has an eye for the unintentional and an awareness for the moment, always surprising and inspiring.
It is the things happening in the corner of your eyes that make her work so authentic.
a leading idea or concept sets the framework for her work, which is defined by an over-all conceptual perception and a special eye for detail.
viewing her photography is always a sensuous and poetic encounter.
to find out more, visit

                                                                                                           typo + photo © dietlind wolf

*about elina frumerman:

Elina Frumerman is graphic designer, photographer, and typography lover. Her work is rooted in classic design principles with a modern sensibility. She draws inspiration from tactile elements—the texture of a good sheet of paper, the mechanics of a printing process, the curves and edges of letterforms, and nuanced details of the ever-changing world around her.

Elina has lived and worked in San Francisco for over 15 years, with a client list ranging from industry staples like Google, GE, and Apple, to startup and boutique businesses alike. Intuitive and decisive, she values authenticity, harmony, 

and elegant solutions.


                                                                                                       typo + photo © elina frumerman
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