Tuesday, July 18, 2017


concept, styling + photography : dietlind wolf
online and print: löwen-manufactur

i admit , it was kind of my best hidden secret,  that i am producing since nearly 2 years  the whole range of  the wonderful Löwen-Manufactur in lübeck,
and that i got the chance to create the picture language for a pharmacy product,
maybe because i fell deeply in love with the man behind, marcus niendorf, 
who did invent  this realy helping oil mixtures.
10 years ago he started the manufactur in his pharmacy,  
with the amazing idea of combining old knowledge in 4rth generation as pharmacist und the modern aspect of using only pure aetherical oils.
you have to see his pharmacy, its one of the most beautiful , and in one of the eldest houses in lübeck/ germany.
 since may we are happily married:-)  so the collaboration will grow even more....if you ever are nearby, come and check out, its worth it every look every smell, and it works ! Loewen-manufactur.de

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  1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Ich habe immer ein kleines Töpfchen der Heilsalbe zu Hause und stöbere jedes mal durch die hübsche Apotheke wenn ich in Lübeck bin. Zauberhaft fotografiert!


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