Thursday, March 16, 2017

holly becker about my gotland workshop

I had the pleasure of attending Dietlind’s workshop in June 2016 on the island of Gotland.
It was an emotional journey that I was not prepared for but I’m glad that I did it.
The best thing was that it not only helped me to look at my photography differently
but it was a lesson in self-care. I realized a lot about my inner world that I hadn’t explored
before. This exploration helped me to be more aware of my senses when working
on photoshoots. There is a direct connection between what is
happening inside of us and what we capture with our camera – it is deep and undeniable.

When I left the workshop, I kept visualizing my heart with a little red string coming out through my chest, running down
the length of my right arm, going up through my index finger and into my camera. Whenever I take a
photo I see this magical string there, visible only to me, and am reminded of the direct connection between
my heart and my photography. On days when I cannot see the string, I know I am not ready to do creative work.

Thank you Dietlind for giving me a deeper insight into my work, I highly recommend your class to anyone, beginner to advanced,
and I will definitely take more classes with you in the future. The monetary investment was nothing compared to what I gained in return.

Very Best,
Holly Becker
Author, Journalist + Stylist

Founder, decor8®, LLC 

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