Saturday, April 20, 2013


my new portfolio  is out!

with all productions you may have seen here on the blog or on flow1ltd , 
sorted in seasons, themes travel and my exhibition werkschau, i did 2 years ago, 
showing for the first time whatever i had designed and created,
 the ceramic part from werkschau is still missing i will add, as well as the missing illustrations
without you this portfolio would have never been possible,
 even i seldom answer you on my blog, 
your appreciation your feedback about especially the productions i did on my own , 
did encourage me to go on with my  photography, with my own view to the world and to details. 
i am soo thankful to  all of you.
as well as to those who just looked and enjoyed.
the amazing amount of daily clicks showed me, you were there..
 i would have never imagined, it would be so successfully and fullfilling for me.
so the portfolio shows the journey i have made during the last 2 years.
the blog will remain with showing also my beloved foodphoto session 
in the gorgeous teams i am working since long time, 
and as well other stories , more background and maybe more words...?
 i would need a little help for translating, that my pigeon english wont distract from content,
so  my heartfull thanks to all of you, who did  and still do to let me inspire you and myself.


  1. I'm so happy to see so much of your amazing work collected in one place. What a treat!

  2. This is great!
    And your English is wonderful!!
    XX Thea

  3. Hi Dietlind, I'm so happy to see your new portfolio, it's amazing!!!
    I love your work and, it inspire me so much. I'm always looking forward to see your new ideas and your works. The choice of colours, of materials, I like the way you look at things!
    xoxo from Italy

  4. Hello hello Dietlind!

    Your work is purely amazing. You are inspiration for me and so many!! Love your portfolio and always pleasure to see your new work!

  5. Congratulations! Your work has always been amazing and inspiring. Lovely to see it all combined now.

    x E.


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