Sunday, February 5, 2012


photo : dietlind wolf
january 2012  paris fleamarket , portes de vanves

i hardly find the words to express my conflicting emotions while looking at  those dolls.
it needs the childs playing hands to give the right sense.


  1. they are beautiful yet...macabre..maybe you are right and its the children that are the missing element xx
    Lynn x

  2. these dolls are fabulous....dolls do have such spirit, like they are somewhat alive. i had many dolls when i was growing up and remember talking to them as though they were friends. i'm sure children do put their own feelings into their dolls.
    i love your blog. you are such a wonderful artist. your photography is so unusual and artistic. it is always a welcome relief for me from all the predictable ones. thank you for bringing me such peace.

  3. there, you've said it- it needs the childs playing hands to give the right sense.... it's always such a pleasure to come here, everything is so beautiful and i find it hard to leave. oh the flee markets in paris are wonderful- i miss it...

  4. I feel the same, they look a bit scary without children, even if many of them are pretty at the same time...


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